Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whats going on around me.

SO, its been a while since I have blogged. I just have better things to do I guess. Here is an update of whats going on around me. Kid #1 just had his 10th bday. Yes, 10th! Me oh My, how time flies. He has joined his school choir. I am not sure why, he just felt like it was something he wanted to do. So, he did. He has never really been a good singer but then again I guess I have never really heard him sing. BUT, his dad put a microphone in front of him, turned on a song and left the room. The results were quite interesting...he can actually sing. We will just have to see how he does in front of an audience. He is also about to start another season of Jr. Jazz. His best friend is going to play this season too so he is extra excited. Hmmm, what else...he has an addiction to computer games, Phines and Ferb and Hates spelling tests.
Kid #2 is in Hip-Hop. For any of you that know him, this is perfect for him. He already has a great head spin and does a funky version of 'the worm'. He loves it and I can't wait to see him in action. He is also about to start Jr. Jazz. That will be so much fun for mom. (I say sarcasticly) 2 different practices and 2 different games a week. Hopefully not at the same time. Kid #2 also loves playing outside with his friends, teasing his little sister and making everyone laugh. He was baptized this year in February. It was great! When it came time for me to tell everyone about him, I made him cry. He told me later that he could feel the tears coming and was trying his best not to let them fall but they did anyway. Awww, what a sweet moment.
Kid #3 is in an official Pre-school. We did Joy School last year. She mostly likes it. She has a hard time saying goodbye to mommy. "One more hug". Then after 5 of those I have to tell her its time for me to go only to give her a couple more 'last hugs'. She does great though. She will defiantly be ready for Kindergarten next year. She is very exited to go to the big school with her brothers. She also is busy going on walks with mommy, playing with her besty Emmy and letting me know about everything she wants for her birthday.
Husband is busy as usual. Work, work, work. Actually, its not that bad, he is usually home on time and only works extra once in a while. He has started a new routine of getting up early and working out. He has invited me to join him only to find me doubling over in laughter...as if I will EVER waste precious sleep to do something like excersize. I get mine in later in the day. Anyway, he is going strong on the exersize thing and is eating better. Its great! Makes me wanna not eat that extra cupcake. (I sometimes do anyway). He has also joined a chocolate society and has become a little bit of a chocolate snob. Fancy chocolate is his new Oreo. To be eaten in moderation of course, hence the new eating better thing.
Then there is me. Nothing really new to report. Same ol same ol. I drive a lot. Take the boys to school, take the girl to school, pick up girl from school, drive to grocery store, pick up a boy from school, pick up other boy after after school activity, upcoming drive to Jr. Jazz X2, etc. Good thing I love my car. Other than driving, I stay busy by going on jog/walks a few times a week, keep up with the kids and house, try to get my volunteer hours in and all that other stuff that involves motherhood/life. Well, there you have it. A kinda sorta update. Talk to you next year.

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